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Calvin: I'm a simple man with complex tastes.
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Goodbye and Welcome
Friday, June 01, 2007
You are cordially invited, with family (only non-pesky kids allowed) and friends (again, only non-pesky kids), for the blog-pravesham ceremony of my new blog at Wordpress.

Transportation to the new blog has already been arranged - all you have to do is hang on for another 10-15 more seconds and you will be at the blog-step of my new abode.

This blog will still remain, but only as a testimony of my journey so far and for those few of you who could undergo withdrawal symptoms since you're so addicted to this blog (the only 3 persons on that addicted list as of now is me, me and me).

All further updates will be at the new place. Please update your bookmarks (humor me, will ya?) and please do come by to the new blog as often, if not more often, as you used to come here.

Thank you, and see you at my new place!

P.S: If your browser likes embarassing me and is not exactly redirecting you, please exercise your finger muscles and click on the following link, thanks! -

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